Having completed 5 Boeing Stearman restorations now,
we feel that we are somewhat of a specialist in this area.
We offer the following services in relation to these beautifiul

• Airframe sourcing worldwide
• Fabric repair or manufacture
• Wooden airframe repair or re-manufacture
• Steel tubing repair and manufacture
• Authentic and accurate period painting of aircraft
• Sourcing of insignia and squadron details
• Pilot and conversion type training (tail wheel, biplane)
• Engine overhaul and reconditioning

Fabric covering

Wood and metal airframe contstruction

Pilot training 2006; Leo completed his first solo

The Stearman was the prime mount for all US aircrew
during the Second World War. The Stearman held the
record for the highest production run of any biplane in
history (until it was eclipsed by the Antonov An2) in the
region of just over 10'000 units, including spares.


Our personal Stearman is a US Army PT-17 (above)

Completed in 2006

Completed in 2006

VH-EEY, Stearman A75L300. Flown by Ben Merkenhof.
Photos by Panama Jacks and Eye in the Sky.