Aircraft Restorations

We have been instrumental in restoring to flying condition a number of period and classic aircraft.
This includes sourcing the aircraft, finding parts, obtaining permissions, packing & transport, legal
matters and all the way through to the aircraft's
first flight.

From finding an abandoned hulk, to the restored aircraft, we manage the entire operation. In one case, one of two Boeing Stearman's found in Nicaragua (below).

Often the aircraft is just a hulk in some field, or lying where it crashed over 50 years ago. Our ultimate aim always is to present the machine as it left the factory. Concessions to authenticity dictate fitting modern avionics and some instruments etc, but always in keeping with the original designers vision.

Our services include:

• Period restorations (1930's to late 1940's)

• Rebuilds of sports and aerobatic aircraft

• Single and multi engined restorations

• Reskinning (fabric & metal)

• Sourcing of aircraft worldwide

• Hangarage


Current projects

Hawker (FB.10) Fury
Boeing Stearman N2S x 2

Past projects

DC3 Dakota
Beech 18 Expeditor
Lockheed PV-1 Ventura
Waco UPF-7
Yak 11