This section represents more of the aircraft that we have worked on. With some of these projects
our involvement was either in an advisoy role, sub contractor, as ferry pilot or project consultant.

Douglas C-47 'Dakota'
The 'Dak' was one of the first major projects that we undertook and here we acted as project
management and lead engineer. Rescued from the Essendon fire tip as a gutted hulk in 1986.

This was a one year project from initial
work to its first flight.
Rob operated this
for a few years in Queensland and WA.

Yakovlev Yak -11

This nimble Russian classic is going to be a 3 year project. We found her in a very sad
state in 2000
and we knew this would take some time. The Yak-11 is a superb aerobatic
trainer, due to its short wings and powerful engine.

This example is based in the UK and is a regular airshow performer.